Thursday, 29 August 2013

Annik's Story RELEASE

Whew! What a summer and where did it go? I can't believe I'm looking forward to September and I

don't even have school aged children anymore.  But in a way, I kind of do. My babies are the books

that will be released over the next few months.

September 16th - The third book in the Tales of Pandora series, Annik's Story.

Annik has made appearances in the first book, The Story of Rachel and the second book, Nancy's 

Soldier. readers of those two books loved Annik, so hopefully they'll love her in a book which is all about her!

(Nancy's Soldier was formerly titled Soldier Boy but I changed the name to escape the Amazon Adult

dungeon. I think in their minds, erotic romance should not have the word Boy in the title. I detest the

idea of pedophiles and all of our books feature adults who are in their thirties and forties. So if

anything, I'm pushing the envelope in the opposite direction when the majority of popular romantic

erotic novels feature people in their twenties. While I get that this age group is at the height of their

attractiveness, i just can't buy that there are too many self made billionaires at 28 and if there are, they'd
probably be computer geeks. Okay, enough of my rant.)  

October 15th - Funny Business, a book written by my partner, Desmond X. Torres will be released.

It is a laugh out loud romantic comedy that features a cop from the Bronx, his beautiful but feisty car

mechanic and a troupe of gangster wannabe's. Their paths cross when the books they are publishing

and in the case of the gangsters, plagiarizing, get mixed up because their titles are so similar. The

gangsters' scam on Amazon sky rockets the cop's book to #1 and he's suddenly rich, sought after by

the publishing world wanting to interview and promote his author name Desiree Robb. Enter the

woman he's secretly loved for years, Marie the neurotic mechanic.

November 11th - JOLT will be released. Desmond wrote this book, trying his hand at yet another

genre. It is a paranormal, dystopian novel. Joel is a scientist working on solving the world's energy

crisis. He's close to the answer but it isn't until he has a paranormal experience with a Aboriginal

Panhandler that it comes to him. Elise is a secretary going through a dog fight divorce with problems at

work. But that's the least of it--her mother is dying with cancer. When she is jolted by the

Panhandler, her life dramatically changes and she now sees auras.     The two meet and a love develops

between them and it is Elise who is instrumental in saving Joel. There are powerful interests who do

not want the cheap, renewal energy he's discovered to be released.

Now imagine what a world where the average person pays about $25 a year for his energy use - is it chaos or utopia? Find out in JOLT 2.

WHET - in case you think I haven't been busy, I've been working on WHET, the prequel to the Tales of Pandora series. It should be out before the end of the year.