Friday, 29 November 2013

JOLT - Countdown to the Apocalypse

 What if it cost you NOTHING to put gas in your car? What if you paid nothing to heat your home or cool it in summer? What if your electric bill was only for new light bulbs? How would that change your life? A real pipe dream, right?

Joel Heath, PhD has dedicated his career to making this pipe dream a reality. He’s obsessed with unlocking the secret of cold fusion energy. He’s come so close, but the final piece of the puzzle eludes him.

Which is a good thing, for Joel actually. You see, Phil Devlin’s energy conglomerate earns billions in profits with things just the way they are. He’s been keeping tabs on Joel. Phil was ruthless in attaining his stature of wealth and influence, and he’d protect his position with ferocity. He can crush Professor Joel Heath with a text message.

Neither man knows the planet is 90 days away from global slaughter, triggered by an oil war. One man does know. He has been cursed with prescient visions. These visions have shattered his life, plummeting him from an established career to begging on the street.

Joel’s simple gesture of compassion to this homeless derelict is rewarded with a dazzling insight. He has the key! This jolt of clarity begins with a touch, a touch that can send the world spinning out of control.

Because Phil Devlin sends that text message.

Funny Business

Here's what readers are saying about Funny Business

" Super fun, super cute story with some laugh out loud moments that had be grinning from ear to ear. When there’s a mix up between criminals and a wannabe romance writer, all hell breaks loose." T's Books

"This book was hilarious. It had me laughing out loud. Artie is a great character. I loved that he took on the trials of writing a romance novel, not the norm for a man. His getting his "girly on" when he needed inspiration really made me laugh. I could really relate to the ups and downs of Artie and Marie's relationship. He was clueless, and she didn`t want anything to do with another cop. Then there's Carmine. His attempts at being a mobster are hilarious, especially since he basically still lives with his parents. I loved that this was a light, carefree story. It was so funny, my kids were wondering why I was laughing so much while reading it. The writing really flowed and the story was easy to follow. If you're looking for a laugh, this is the book for you."
Rose's Book Snobs