Sunday, 29 July 2012

I just checked Amazon and have just seen that I sold my first copy of The Story of Rachel!

OMG. I'm published and SOLD author.
I'm now an author.... look out Ann Rice!!! One down, twenty zillion to go... lol Somebody, BOUGHT my work. This is an awesome moment for me. Wow.

Sure; it's probably one of my buds; but I don't know who right now.... I hope that I do find out; because they just gave me one hell of a gift.

(And now, I'm on pins and needles for their comments. Please-- puh-leeeze... L I E ok? lol

What a feeling!

Tech Support just made it very clear to me that I'm the author. Yeah, he said, 'I edited your book; but YOU wrote it!'

What a feeling.
Well, it's done. Checked Amazon this AM when getting up- no sales. Aaand... I found a big mistake on the book's description! Instead of 'Tales of Pandora' I left out an 'a' and it says 'Tales of Pandor'!!! Dam. After all the work Tech Support and I did to get rid of typos and such, WE HAVE A TYPO RIGHT OUT FRONT!!This ain't no Avatar fanfic!! AAaaa!

Oh well...
Tech Support went into the site,  did some clicking and sighing and fixed it (I think). I'll check later.

Last night we went to a Play Party at WarmBuns with the Kingston Kinkster's group. Since I put in acknowledgements to Master Joe and cassie- the owners of WarmBuns, and also to Twist Ties- the founder and leader of KK, Tech Support and I thought we should print out copies of The Story of Rachel and present them to them, which we did.

Tech Support actually gave a reading there! lol We weren't there to flog the book; but to honor some dear friends. To go around trying to sell something for a lousy buck would be unseemly; Tech Support is going to look into putting an ad up on FetLife though. We'll see.

Those are the first two copies of my first book ever owned by somebody else! Too damn bad I can't give copies to my kids! (Eeew!) lol

We hadn't been to WarmBuns for a party in months and months. Too busy here at home with rennos. and with the writing bug having infected so deeply. It was great to reconnect and to meet new friends.

Now to start to look at marketing the book.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's done.
It's doooone!!!!
My first book has been accepted by Amazon for sale in The Kindle Store.

Tech Support and I have worked on this all day long; and a big chunk of Thursday and Friday.

I have to admit, that I had no idea until I started, that writing a book of any length could be so much work. Don't get me wrong- it's rewarding, but hard nevertheless. First you get the idea.

Then you start writing.
And realize you need a lot of revisions.
Then you revise your revisions!
       about a hundred times!!

Then you're done!
Not on a bet.

Then you print out, and find alllll the typos you missed.
Okay, now your done.

You print out again, and have second thoughts about chapter twoo!!!
More revisions.
Not yet.

Got a cover?
Got a table of contents? Hunh?
Got it formatted rite? Right? Right.

Get back to work.
How's those typos looking?

Finally, after the drudgery, you get the notification that it was accepted by Amazon, and will be available for sale tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

It was Tech Support's Bday.  Took him to Ottawa, NAC to see 'WICKED'.  A fabulous show!  Great music, costumes, set and quirky story.  I especially liked the Wicked Witch of the west commenting on Dorothy taking her sister's shoes - 'What kind of kid take's the shoes off a dead woman?'

Friday, 13 July 2012

Commanded by Tech support

My guy, the tech support specialist, held my hand while I made the first post. He is now making me go solo!
I hate GoDaddy, more on that episode later.. If you read this and are considering doing a website, read the rest of my post but stay away from GoDaddy.  They will bleed you white and they don't start helping you until you are walking out the door.
I will be putting up my step by step experiences creating a website here,
i have to sign out now, because Tech Support is collecting payment...Yippeee!!!

Oh MY Gawwd

Well, here I am on the web. Yes, I read the books on how to make a zillion dollars writing and selling my stories online. One of the things that they said was to put a blog together. OK, here it is. Whoop dee doo!

I've just finished my first book- The Story of Rachel, and I'm deep into my second- Annik's Story, and I have the outline completed for a third book already.

I feel like I'm just starting out, but at my age, it's a lot of work! I'm grateful at this stage in my life to have something that consumes me. I really hope people read, and more importantly B U Y my books. Does anyone here realize how expensive English Castles are????? Barbara Taylor Bradford owns one, why can't I???

I'm not a tech person. Setting up this blog was a trial. And my next post is going to be a total slam on those HUSSIES from!!!! Cute women during the Superbowl, sure! But OMG! What a trial it's been to just set up a website.....

Back to the books- the Muses are calling....