Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Creating a Video Book Trailer for the tech challenged (idiots like myself)

Yesterday I tried my hand at creating a book trailer for the Tales of Pandora series. I couldn't believe how simple it was! Even a non-tech person like me could do it!!!

First of all, I chose the photos I wanted to use from  Next, I imported them into Adobe Photoshop, in order to add the text that I wanted to show on the photos, saved them as jpeg files.

I visited to select the music I wanted to play in the background and saved it to my computer.

I then downloaded Windows movie maker.  This program is so simple!!! It gives you the option to import your jpeg and music files. The files appear in a window above the film clip boxes.

You drag each file to a film clip box.  In the edit window on the left, select the video and transition effect which you like. This is then dragged between the film clip boxes.

You can create a title for your film, as well as an end clip.

Switch to "Show timeline" (it's a button just above the film clip boxes). When it appears, you drag your music file there. The music file will likely be much longer than the length of your video. No problem. Click on the end of the music file at the right and drag it to match the length of your video.

You're done!