Tales of Pandora's Series

Pandora- a figure from mythology who gave humanity the gift of hope.

Pandora's... a private club in a large metropolis where the mysteries of power exchange are celebrated.

People from all walks of life come through these doors. Some are enticed by the provocative atmosphere. Some are enticed by the displays exhibited by Dominants and their submissives. Some wish to Dominate and lay claim; some wish to submit and yield. In these journeys, Restraint becomes Release, Domination becomes Desire.

In the Tales of Pandora’s, we meet women who discover bright love in these dark explorations.

Rachel, who thought vanilla was no more than a baking ingredient, finds in her mid thirties that love, lust, and kink can establish a powerful connection.

In Soldier Boy, Nancy Barton who had never loved, nor been loved, discovers a source of strength and power in the man who craves to surrender to her.

Annik Dandridge struggles to break out of a life of prostitution, and in her journey, discovers love can bloom in the most unlikely of places.

Cammie is Awakened, and finds her life jeopardized as a result.

These women are but a few of the many Tales of Pandora’s.