The second book in my Tales of Pandora's series!

Nancy Barton, MD, is an intelligent, beautiful woman in control of her life. She’s 39, single, and emotionally reserved - some colleagues have nick-named her “Doctor  Ice Queen”.

There’s another side to Nancy Barton. Another life, where she is Mistress Nancy, a Dominatrix. A shining goddess of beauty and skill. At the adult club Pandora’s, men yearn to kneel before her. At Pandora’s, Mistress Nancy is free to unleash passion and yet still shield her tender heart.

Until Terry Carpenter joins the club. He’s a man on a mission, searching to fulfill his own newly discovered cravings. 

He’s handsome, confident and younger. (Younger?) It’s lust (or blossoming love?) at first sight. This is all new to Nancy (maybe too new?).

For Terry, Nancy is a fantasy come true.

Things go wrong from the start. Then get downright dangerous. Terry handles these challenges effortlessly, with humor and courage. He’s been through worse and has the scars to prove it. Nancy finds in Terry a living example of ‘that which yields is not weak’.

This rascal, this Soldier Boy thaws Dr Ice Queen’s heart. For the first time in her life, love fully blooms. Just as she surrenders her heart, a claim from Terry’s past shatters it.

Love can heal a broken heart, and give courage to a frightened one.

A heart rendering romance ingnited by fiery passions.

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