Sunday, 29 July 2012

Well, it's done. Checked Amazon this AM when getting up- no sales. Aaand... I found a big mistake on the book's description! Instead of 'Tales of Pandora' I left out an 'a' and it says 'Tales of Pandor'!!! Dam. After all the work Tech Support and I did to get rid of typos and such, WE HAVE A TYPO RIGHT OUT FRONT!!This ain't no Avatar fanfic!! AAaaa!

Oh well...
Tech Support went into the site,  did some clicking and sighing and fixed it (I think). I'll check later.

Last night we went to a Play Party at WarmBuns with the Kingston Kinkster's group. Since I put in acknowledgements to Master Joe and cassie- the owners of WarmBuns, and also to Twist Ties- the founder and leader of KK, Tech Support and I thought we should print out copies of The Story of Rachel and present them to them, which we did.

Tech Support actually gave a reading there! lol We weren't there to flog the book; but to honor some dear friends. To go around trying to sell something for a lousy buck would be unseemly; Tech Support is going to look into putting an ad up on FetLife though. We'll see.

Those are the first two copies of my first book ever owned by somebody else! Too damn bad I can't give copies to my kids! (Eeew!) lol

We hadn't been to WarmBuns for a party in months and months. Too busy here at home with rennos. and with the writing bug having infected so deeply. It was great to reconnect and to meet new friends.

Now to start to look at marketing the book.

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