Sunday, 29 July 2012

I just checked Amazon and have just seen that I sold my first copy of The Story of Rachel!

OMG. I'm published and SOLD author.
I'm now an author.... look out Ann Rice!!! One down, twenty zillion to go... lol Somebody, BOUGHT my work. This is an awesome moment for me. Wow.

Sure; it's probably one of my buds; but I don't know who right now.... I hope that I do find out; because they just gave me one hell of a gift.

(And now, I'm on pins and needles for their comments. Please-- puh-leeeze... L I E ok? lol

What a feeling!

Tech Support just made it very clear to me that I'm the author. Yeah, he said, 'I edited your book; but YOU wrote it!'

What a feeling.

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