Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh MY Gawwd

Well, here I am on the web. Yes, I read the books on how to make a zillion dollars writing and selling my stories online. One of the things that they said was to put a blog together. OK, here it is. Whoop dee doo!

I've just finished my first book- The Story of Rachel, and I'm deep into my second- Annik's Story, and I have the outline completed for a third book already.

I feel like I'm just starting out, but at my age, it's a lot of work! I'm grateful at this stage in my life to have something that consumes me. I really hope people read, and more importantly B U Y my books. Does anyone here realize how expensive English Castles are????? Barbara Taylor Bradford owns one, why can't I???

I'm not a tech person. Setting up this blog was a trial. And my next post is going to be a total slam on those HUSSIES from!!!! Cute women during the Superbowl, sure! But OMG! What a trial it's been to just set up a website.....

Back to the books- the Muses are calling....

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