Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's done.
It's doooone!!!!
My first book has been accepted by Amazon for sale in The Kindle Store.

Tech Support and I have worked on this all day long; and a big chunk of Thursday and Friday.

I have to admit, that I had no idea until I started, that writing a book of any length could be so much work. Don't get me wrong- it's rewarding, but hard nevertheless. First you get the idea.

Then you start writing.
And realize you need a lot of revisions.
Then you revise your revisions!
       about a hundred times!!

Then you're done!
Not on a bet.

Then you print out, and find alllll the typos you missed.
Okay, now your done.

You print out again, and have second thoughts about chapter twoo!!!
More revisions.
Not yet.

Got a cover?
Got a table of contents? Hunh?
Got it formatted rite? Right? Right.

Get back to work.
How's those typos looking?

Finally, after the drudgery, you get the notification that it was accepted by Amazon, and will be available for sale tomorrow.

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