Sunday, 25 November 2012

On Spirituality

One of the themes that I have in my writing is sexuality, in all its flavors, without pain, fear or guilt. Yet, in our society, damning judgements are made by so many usually in the name of some moral code. On one extreme are fundamentalists of all types- women beaten in the Middle East by self appointed 'protectors', to kids in school calling other children sluts because of the way they dress, just to name a few.

I have always found good sex to be a transcendental experience. Not ALL sex- a good romp, a happy quickie has it's place! But those wonderful, passionate encounters, where I lose myself in my partner, who is also lost in me; those episodes have a spiritual dimension. They're just plain GOOD. In and of themselves, they're a gift.

Which begs the question 'Gift from Whom?'.

For a long time, I have explored issues of the Spirit. I believe that we are MORE than these atoms, molecules, cells and organs that make up our bodies. My explorations have led me to the books of Neal Donald Walsch- if you are interested in inspired writing, his books are magnificent.

Just as I am a person with a Spiritual side, I am also a rational being, living in a world where reason is also a value, no? But generally speaking, science does not allow for questions of Spirituality. Which makes sense- if empirical methods are those employed, and you cannot see or measure one's soul, what the hell can you expect? And, in my life, the advances of science have led to many many good things in this world I live in.

I love my hot tub! LOL

I remember when I was an undergrad in Psychology, and one of my professors- a man who had lost the love of his life to cancer- stood before the class telling us that the sooner we learn to accept that when the brain dies we cease to exist, when he said that, I was profoundly disturbed.

And yet that professor's viewpoint is an accepted tenet of psychology, neurology, and even brain surgery.

Up till now.
Over the last few months, I've read a tale of a remarkable experience by one of the top brain surgeons in the world. No kidding- his resume reads like one of the characters in a romance novel! Accomplished MD, Ivy League professor, tall, handsome…

I digress….

Anyway, he had the experience of being literally brain dead for a week. And he came back.

And he has a message to tell, and I want to share it here.

IF you've read this far, then take this gift of what Doctor Eben Alexander has to say here:

Naturally, he was pilloried by many other scientists, and here is his response.

These articles were a delight for me to read, and I hope that you enjoy them too!

KD and Desmond

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