Friday, 23 November 2012

Final Preparations for Book Launches!

Well, it's been a busy busy two weeks.

Desmond and I finished the final drafts for the first three books of Tales of Pandora series.

Except now a whole other list- a very, very long list- of things have to be done!
We've had to decide how we're going to market the book- submit to publishers or self publish as an ebook? Well, that wasn't a hard question to answer; and we're putting them up on Amazon etc in the next day or two.

And after all the proofing etc, we're formatting the books for cloud availability, and in the process learning that editors and production staff at publishing houses really, really earn their pay!

And now I'm trying to develop a marketing plan using social media.
I was hesitant about this, because I didn't want to go on Facebook or other sites just to use people. I put that question up, in fact, at the Erotic Readers and Writers Assoc and got some good feedback and genuine encouragement.

Which gave me the guts to set up FB and join some other circles.

Now back to formatting!

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