Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Drudgery and Dreams!

The last six weeks have been an endurance test for me! I survived and am still sane, well almost. In the first part of December my first book, The Story of Rachel was reviewed by a bunch of great people who posted reviews on Amazon. I listened to suggestions they had, despite the fact that overall it was a 4.3 star, and decided to take it down and fix it.

Then Amazon announces their Breakthrough Novel Award contest! Well, it was time to really look at the book...I removed 25K words of a 45K book and then put it into the contest as an 80K novel. TONS of revisions, more characters added, sex scenes toned down in graphic details and lots of comedy added. What's more my main characters took on a life of their own and started to show me their stuff - the result, I love them. I laugh with them and cry with them. I still feel that way after all the time they've spent in my head (edit, EDIT, REVISE, EDIT some more). I feel like Homer on his epic Odyssey.

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