Friday, 25 January 2013

The Pain of re-writes

did she have to do a massive re-write too? Please share that bottle!!!


  1. Well, I am a blogger who is an aspiring author, or an author masquerading as a blogger. Not sure which one yet. I am hiding from my book and the massive amounts or rewrites I KNOW it is going to need. I am hoping an editing fairy will visit and take it from me!!

  2. Brandy, the most important thing is that you finish a first draft of your manuscript. Don't think about editing or rewriting it; that comes later. So be brave, finish your first draft and you will have the most wonderful feelings of satisfaction and personal achievement. Only then think about editing and rewriting; your pride in completing your first manuscript will provide the encouragement you need.

  3. Anonymous you are absolutely right! Finishing my first m/s was an incredible high for me. I can say that b/c it just happened this past summer. Brandy- are you familiar with 'On Writing' by King? I'm going to paraphrase what that book did for me in getting the first draft done:
    1. MAKE A COMMITTMENT. When you decide to start your writing, take a guesstimate of how many words you think (as in GUESS) it will be. Then, when do you want the m/s done? For me, I took his advice and did 2K wd/s a day- 7 days a week for 3 mos. Now I'm semi retired and empty nest. It was basically turn off the idiot box.
    2. See rule number 1.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Absolutely Corina!
    And if you change my
    - figure
    - age
    - hair color

    We could be twins! Honest!
    Okay... legs too... damn...