Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Excerpt from Annik's Story

Here is an excerpt from the next book in the Tales of Pandora series - Annik's Story.

It's a steamy scene between Annik and the man she is in love with at the sex club Pandora's, where sexuality is celebrated!

Tom was waiting at the entrance to the ballroom and smiled when he noticed her. Walking slowly to him, she lowered her eyes. Her tiny hand was enveloped in his as he led her to the St. Andrew’s cross. Near it, his partly opened toy bag sat. She was placed against the heavy cross, facing the wall, not able to see what he was doing. Her hand was raised high on the arm of the wooden cross. Leather encased her wrist. Oow! The skin there was caught for a moment in the buckle he cinched shut. She felt his finger inside the loop as he tested that it is secure yet not tight enough to cut off her blood flow.
As he repeated this process with her other hand, she sensed people gather near. There was whispering and subdued voices from the crowd who watched.

Her back arched upward, neck muscles straight and taut as Tom’s hands touched her ankle. He was buckling the leather strap. There was firm pressure on her skin. A thrill of fear shot through her core, waiting for him to finish her other foot. Her fingers trembled. She clenched them into fists before pressing them against the wooden surface of the cross. How many times had they scened together? Countless. Always, there was the excitement and the fear before each one. To be physically restrained, completely vulnerable to her Master. When would he begin? Her body was taut like a bowstring waiting for the caress of his touch, the sting of the whip. She shivered even as warmth infused the flesh between her outstretched legs. The room and the hushed breathing of the crowd dissolved. There was only her outstretched body waiting for her Master.

Her head jerked to the side as his breath tingled warmly against her ear, his lips brushing the soft lobe.
“Would you like me to continue?” he whispered.

“Ye..yes, please Master.”

“What are your colors? Tell me.” he demanded.

“Red to stop. Orange to ease up. Yellow to take care.” She was now committed to this. Every nerve ending was firing. She inhaled deeply through her nose, nostrils flared as he left her. There was a rustle sound as he rummaged in his toy bag. Would he use Ouch or Oh Shit, the cane?
The ends of the whip snapped against her thigh. Her body flinched. But it was more from surprise than pain. Then the other leg. He was using the doeskin, leather flogger. When it struck, the blow was loud; the pain was minimal. How long would it be before he stopped the warm-up and got serious? The whip pelted her back and ass. Nerve cells were sensitive to each blow. But it wasn’t enough. She sighed, loud enough for him to hear and in so doing, challenged him for more.

Then nothing, yet sensing that he was coming near. The soft touch of cloth wiping her back was soothing. It cooled her warm skin.

Goosebumps appeared on her skin when his warm breath caressed her neck. She trembled as the feathered touch of his fingertips grazed down her arm, along the side of her breast, her waist and the outside of her buttock. Bastard! She set her lips tight together, knowing what he was about to do. His fingers dipped between her legs and cupped her pulsing vulva. He pressed it firmly and began to rub softly. God it was good! She closed her eyes and reveled in the stimulation but stood stock still. She couldn't show him that he was getting to her, yet. He needed to earn it.

He left and there was a rustle sound as he reached into the toy bag once more. She inhaled deeply, head held high, knowing that he would try harder to break her. Oow! The sting of the hard leather flogger hit her ass. Stifling a moan before it left her lips, she gritted her teeth hard as he hit her again and again in one spot. This was almost too much! Then he hit a different place, her thigh. She flinched, pressing her abdomen into the hard surface of the cross at the pain of the next blow. Breathing hard, almost panting from the pain, she squeezed her eyes shut, determined to not safe word out. Would not turn her head even slightly, to look at him. 

He stopped. What would come next? What would he do? Her knees chattered against the wooden cross leg. Oh! What was that? Her muscled twitched at the sudden icy pressure on her shoulder blade. He was using a cold damp cloth to bathe the hurt. Her chin dropped to her chest as her back rounded seeking the coolness of his soft touch on her welts. She was aware of the warmth and energy his body exuded as he stood close to her. His lips trailed faint butterfly kisses along her neck and lingered in the hollow. Her head lolled to the side and she sighed. 

There was tremor of pleasure in her vulva where his fingers explored. She felt the damp fabric of her panties being tugged aside. Her bare flesh was exposed. She ached for his touch; her clitoris would explode if he didn't touch it. His fingers played in her wetness, slid into her inner core. It was divine. She clamped her muscles on his fingers and he withdrew. His slick finger crept softly towards her clit and stopped just shy of it. Oh God, this was such sweet torture. She was breathing raggedly, ached in her longing but would not give in - yet. She yearned to surrender. Yes, take me. But she also wanted to continue this dance of wills. 

His fingers left her open, vulnerable, craving more. His footsteps softly thudded on the floor as he walked away from her. She waited, wondered where the next blow would fall. What was he doing? This was taking an awfully long time. Then his voice. He was speaking to someone. What the hell! In the middle of a scene he decided to strike up a conversation? Oh he was really playing hardball! Touch me! You bastard!
He made her wait. And wait. Her fingers drum against the wood of the cross; weight shifts from leg to leg, waiting. Her skin was searing hot where she has been welted and bruised. The longing, empty center of her sexual arousal coupled with the pain arousal left her raw. A single tear escaped her eye as head dropped, she willed him to return. 

Her body stiffened straight, hands strained against the leather restraint as the unexpected bee sting of a single tail whip snapped her ass. OOW! That one really hurt. With body clenched, she waited for the next blow. It landed on her outer thigh. The next, higher on her hip. Her back and thighs were peppered with pain. And then it stopped. She exhales slowly through her mouth the breath she had gasped and held within her. Her skin tingled as she sensed his approach. His face was then before her half shut eyes. She opened them wider to see his eyes peering at her intently, the smirk on his lips. She was breathing hard. 
Her Master chuckled and retreated to stand behind her again. There was a click and the low hum of a vibrator. Oh God, she has longed for what would come next. His fingers stretched her panties to the side and the vibrator teased her. Lost in the sensation, her hips rolled into it. Then it was gone. There was a tug on her ankle before it was freed by his fingers. Her other ankle next. His chest grazed across her back as he released her hands.

She melted into his arms when his hands turned her. Barely aware of the surroundings, held tightly in his arms when he carried her across the room and into the hallway, she felt feather-light. Her lips nestled into his warm salty neck as he walked towards the wide staircase. Her ears warmed as his hot breath murmured how pleased he was with her. Slowly, he carried her up the stairs and down a hallway. When he reached a door on the left, he stopped to open it. Inside the dimly lit room was a queen sized bed. He eased her down so that she stood the back of her thighs against it. Briefly, he left her to close the door. She jerked forward on her toes as his hands grabbed at the sides of her corset pulling the clasps together to unhook them. Tom thrust it to the side when the last clasp was loosened. His hands clutched her breasts, kneading them roughly and tweaking her nipples - an electric bolt of desire flooded through her. 

He ripped the side strap of her thong panties and pulled them from her body. Prodded by the look of desire in his eyes and his hands urging her, she sank down onto the bed. The coolness of the smooth satin surface eased her inflamed skin.

She watched him undress, noticing the yearning in his eyes. Yet he was controlled. He leisurely undid the buttons of his shirt and slipped it from his body, to reveal the muscles in his chest and shoulders, the flat stomach with a light dusting of fine hair. He removed his shoes and socks before he unbuckled his belt. His leather waist band snapped open and there was the snick of a zipper being lowered. She sighed as he eased the fabric over his taut hips and thighs; her eyes were riveted to his cock, aroused and so big.

He lowered to her side and they kissed, their tongues dancing and their breath fast and loud in their ears. His hands squeezed her breasts and nipples. The pain shot straight to her groin, increasing her arousal. God, she wanted him so much. His hands slid over her stomach and down. Ahhhh! The exquisite sensation of his finger on her clit. She thrust into him demanding more. He stopped and picked a condom from the bowl on the night table. She gazed at the muscles in his back as he opened the wrapper and put it on.
He turned to her and spread her legs roughly before kneeling between them. She felt her ass being jerked towards him, caught in the strong grip of his hands. He lifted her, then lowered and thrust his sheathed cock into her. 

“Ahh”..she murmured as the fullness of his cock rocketed deep inside. He thrust into her again and again while his thumb teased her clit. She clenched him, met each thrust and became lost in the moment and sensation. 

“You will not orgasm until I give you permission. Is that clear?” His hand cupped her chin as his eyes bored into hers.

“Yes. But please let me now. Please. I’m so close.”

Quickly he withdrew himself from her. On his face was a small close lipped smile. His eyes danced at the sweet control he had over her. At the look of shock and disappointment now on her face.
“Please.” she whispered, lying still beneath him, subdued, willing him to fuck her.
Roughly, he entered her once more. His hands lifted to the sides of her head and he clutched fistfuls of her hair as he thrust deep. His eyes were open and looked into hers.

“Now.” He pummeled against her and they became one in the moment, clutching at each other. She screamed his name as waves of ecstasy flowed through her.

He stiffened, buried to the hilt, straining deeper before he slumped into her arms. As she held him, stroked his back with her hands, his breathing was ragged in her ear. They lay together like this for a few minutes. Neither was anxious to break the bond. He kissed her softly and turned over onto his side. After he slipped the condom off and tossed it into a wastebasket, she rolled over and draped her arm across his chest, slid her leg onto his. After the rough lovemaking, it was wonderful to just lay together.

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