Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Back With A Blitz!

 Boy, you’d think I fell off the face of the earth!

Actually, all I did was, as Stephen King told me to do in his book ‘On Writing’ was “Close the door”. To my writing nook.

My first foray onto the internet as an author this past January and February was so much fun! I went online to promote The Story of Rachel, and became a part of some many communities. It was sooo cool! I could meet gals for coffee without getting out of my jammies and driving in the snow.

I am so indebted to the encouragement, advice and support I received this past winter. I was part of conversations at author sites and book lover communities. I met so many reviewers and readers. That time online gave me so much to digest and work with.

And so, I got back to work. And closed the door to my writing nook, and got busy doing what I’m supposed to be about.

Alrighty, then, KD, what’s going on? Glad you asked.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be putting up THREE new books in the Tales of Pandora’s series! And they are…
A heart rendering romance ingnited by fiery passions.

Nancy Barton, MD, is an intelligent, beautiful woman in control. She’s 39, single, and emotionally reserved - some colleagues have nick-named her “Doctor  Ice Queen”.

They don’t know about her other, hidden life. Where she is Mistress Nancy, Dominatrix. At the adult club Pandora’s, men yearn to kneel before her. She is free to unleash passion and yet shield her tender heart.

Until Terry Carpenter joins the club, searching to fulfill his own newly discovered cravings. Nancy is a fantasy come true.

This rascal, this Soldier Boy thaws Dr Ice Queen’s heart. For the first time in her life, love blooms. Just as she surrenders her heart, a claim from Terry’s past shatters it.

ANNIK’S STORY- Oh have I been asked to write this one! I had to get through Soldier Boy first, before getting underway with her tale.

Finally the last book is a novella I just had to write!

Hey- when I said ‘Blitz’, I wasn’t kidding! There’s going to be contests and giveaways for each book!
So keep your eyes peeled, or join my mailing list! My mailing list members will be getting exclusive deals and contests just for them!

All these books will only, be available on Amazon. I had to make a business decision, and Desmond and I agree focusing on Amazon is the best use of our efforts.

One final note: I have been nagging and bugging Desmond X Torres to work on his book. It’s a lot of fun! It’s title is XXXX XXXXXX (content removed by Desmond X. Torres. “Shaddap KD. You’ve been bad. Go to my room”.)

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